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The villa was completed with the renovation of the family ancestral home that was built in 1760-1790 according to the family history and testimonies of elderly villagers.
The field on which is built the house called ” HOREFTRA ” , is the part that people were dancing in a happy event in the village such as wedding or celebration.

In the courtyard of the house there are two wells. One of them called > was for years the only source of drinking water for the villagers. The house was built by the priest Andrea Papadogiorgakis and his wife Katerinaki, who built (1750-1790) and the church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary that is outside Gerani, going for Loutraki village.

At home he was born their son Ioannis Papadogiorgakis or Geraniotis who spearheaded the struggles of the Cretan revolution along with Chalides and other leaders of the struggles for the liberation of Crete by the Turks.
Over the years the house was inhabited, made and brought up several generations of the family Geraniotis. During 1900-1950 part of the house operated as a store area.

The house remained in the family until now ,renovated, keeping traditional elements from the past, reflecting all the modern comforts and creating Villa Geraniotis which can be the > of our visitors to Crete.
With respect to our history and the environment, we offer our guests a space for a comfortable luxury stay, friendly atmosphere and Cretan hospitality.





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